Washington County Highway Department

Sigma builds new County maintenance facility

washington county, wisconsin


The Washington County Highway Department completed the construction of a new vehicle maintenance facility as a replacement for the obsolete highway shop. Sigma served as the County’s consulting engineer to plan and oversee the demolition of this old highway shop and restoration of the site as a 200-vehicle lighted parking lot for the adjoining Courthouse and County Administration Complex.

Services provided by Sigma include:

  • Conducted a hazardous materials survey for lead-based paints, UST / ASTs, oil, refrigerants and PCBs including stained concrete analysis.
  • Performed NESHAP compliant pre-demolition asbestos inspection of the highway shop facility including the boiler room, stack, and vehicle maintenance areas.
  • Developed a conceptual demolition plan for presentation to County officials.
  • Prepared cost opinions for demolition and abatement.
  • Prepared contract documents using CSI format.

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  • Coordinated bid review and contractor selection.
  • Oversaw abatement activities involving air clearance monitoring, waste management testing and observation of contractors waste practices.
  • Provided project oversight during the abatement and demolition including bi-weekly project meetings, meeting minutes, change order processing, pay application review, final inspection and project close-out documentation.
  • Investigated the extent of contaminated soil.
  • Developed soil management plan under a restricted use agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.